Jan 4, 2012

signs seen today

"Customers"....I mean, if that's what you think you are.

ha. ha.
I once found a half eaten Big Mac combo meal on this very station.


"If you're going to ride my ass at least pull my hair"
Not cute.


mrpeenee said...

I don't care what Dorignac's calls me, so long as they send a doberge cake.

normadesmond said...

my, my...the places you go.

MJ said...


David Toms said...

You are still taking the pilld aren't you?

lucitebox said...

I bet that bakery consistently sells King Cakes without the prize (or whatever it is that they put in those cakes.) Or the "customers" claim their cake was kingless just to get free cake. That's what I might do. If I had ambition.