May 27, 2011

the good plates

In my never ending quest to become a dowager, the other day, I found myself in my favorite consignment shop, buying a very incomplete set of china. I've never owned china. Why would I need china?
Suddenly I've begun to feel the need. What's happening to me???
What's next? dildos doilies?
I'm afraid.

I adjusted my corset, glanced through my lorgnette and spied it,
near this vignette:

(Thankfully the ceramic gnomes are safely locked behind glass. For our own safety, I'm sure.)

On the other side, a decoupaged Pekinese purse looked at me plaintively.
Anyway, I ignored it all, and honed in my china.

What I'm going to do with it, I don't know, but the color is so pretty.
And the gold!
I'm a sucker for gold.

The tag said it's French, and about a hundred years old. There are a few saucers, one poor little cup, and a few salad plates. I've used them once, for cake. It made it look ever so posh.

Anyway, the whole shebang was $15.00, and takes up very little space, so I didn't feel too gilty.
Ha, get it? (sheesh...never mind)


Kevin said...

sometimes, one must collect china.

other times, one must sell their china.

i'll be posting some stuff on ebay soon. want the link? ;)

MJ said...

To complete the dowager look, you'll need some antimacassars on the backs and arms of your chairs.

Michael Guy said...

total score! and I like the incomplete tells a story.

You're the next chapter. Enjoy all the future cake!

Anonymous said...

oh I would have swept that up too. Love the intensity of the color. and gold--what's not to love?

normadesmond said...

and mj didn't mention cake....

MJ said...

Did someone mention CAKE?

normadesmond said...

thank you, now i can get on with my day.

Margaret said...

Tiny Mynex Finga San'wichez.

"You gonna finish eatin' dat, 'r what?"

Ur-spo said...

no china???
turn in your pink card NOW.

Ask the Cool Cookie said...

Your going to march yourself over to and look up the pattern and buy up the other pieces as time and money permit!

Meantime, slide the Glass Menagerie over to one slide and show these lovelies off.

Ask the Cool Cookie said...

And Kevin is quite right. One MUST collect china. I personally own four sets of good dishes!

Jill said...

Use them all of the time. They are beautiful.