May 15, 2011

Bill Cunningham N.O.

So I saw this film, Bill Cunningham NY, this weekend at the film fest.
It was so wonderful.

I was nestled between a pair of librarian types, with matching pewter bobs, sensible shoes and Sally Jesse Raphael glasses...a cadre of stylish young girls a la Zooey Deschanel...and a pair of male models one blond, one looking like a young 70s porn star.

Anyway, the point is Bill.
He's such an inspiration, such a joyful guy, it's hard not to be completely
charmed by him.
I heartily recommend it.

1 comment:

savannah said...

you lucky boy! i watch his video clips online and absolutely love his take on fashion. i'll have to wait until the film is on netflix or shown on tv, sugar! *sigh* xoxox