Oct 17, 2008

crime report

Wednesday was this excitement, within walking distance of my home:

"Celestain and Simeon allegedly shot Martes in the back of his head and left him for dead in the 2500 block of Constitution Place, where his body was found the next day. Following the murder, the pair allegedly drove Martes' car to a desolate area, where both men raped the 25-year-old woman.
They allowed her out of the car early Wednesday morning in the Bayou St. John neighborhood, then shot her several times, according to police records filed in court. She was transported to a local hospital in critical condition and is recovering from the incident, police said."

And today, on my way home from work this, I got to witness a drive-by shooting.
Always exciting.

"Two narcotics detectives conducting surveillance at about 2 p.m. in the 3600 block of Frenchmen Street saw a dark Chevrolet Tahoe truck pass with its occupants spraying gunfire at a group of men on the sidewalk, according to a NOPD news release. No one was hit by the bullets.

The detectives gave chase in a marked patrol car and upon reaching the intersection of St. Denis and Frenchmen streets, the suspects opened fire on the officers, police said. The detectives returned fire and wounded Brandell Baptiste, 18, in the leg.

Blocks away, three suspects jumped from the vehicle as it drove away, said New Orleans Police Officer Sabrina Richardson. The driver continued on, and three of the men entered a residence nearby. Officers apprehended the trio shortly afterward, according to police, and recovered one of the handguns that was used in the shootout."

Thankfully in both cases the culprits have been caught.
from Nola.com


Dave said...

Holy crap.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like fun. Party at your place?

Jim said...

Deadbolt the door. Sleep on the floor.

Jesus, it sounds like the wild west!

govtdrone said...

Ho hum...another day in New Orleans. Jeez, I have become really cynical.

ilduce said...

OK, I am no longer complaining about how boring my life is......

Take heed to the best lesson I learned in 12 years of Catholic school. Keep your mouth shut and your head down!

Elizabeth said...

Holy shit! Maybe you need to get some body armor!