Jan 20, 2016

Things that Actually Exist...

(Recently seen)

a. Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil...for Kids.

b. Scented Duck Tape, for the tape sniffers in your life

c. The Lego Presidential Assassination collection, for the budding sociopath
d.The "One Hundred Percent 'Murican" Party pack (rebel flag beer koozie not included)
e. George Burns doll, for the 80 year old little girl in all of us.
f. See illustration D


mistress maddie said...

and I was just thinking why don't we have scented duct tape yet when it comes to kink in the sheets.

normadesmond said...

the little lego john-john saluting the lego caisson will break your heart.

Diane said...

c. For real???!?!!!!???!!!!
And George Burns?? Where have you been shopping and why haven't I been with you?

mrpeenee said...

But where was the Sesame Street Serial Killers collector set?

Jon said...

What? No "Donald Trump Fright Wig"? Jx