Aug 6, 2014

quiz show

Meanwhile, in lieu of therapy, I've been learning a lot about myself by way of stupid Buzzfeed quizzes that your friends and acquaintances irritate you with on Facebook.

You know the ones. I am to bore you with some of my results!

a. What Color is Your Aura? ("Yellow". Great.  I was hoping for puce, but whatever.) 

b. Which Famous Novel Are You? (The Great Gatsby. Well, it is one of my favorites, so I guess I can't argue)

c. Which Type of Bird Are You?  (a Crow.  wtf?)

d.Which Famous Philosopher are you?  (Aristocrats  Aristotle)

e.Which Two Words Describe You?  ("Selflessly Caring".  zzzzzzzz I was hoping for "Sassily Sexy")

f. Which Tarot Card Are You?  ("The Sun" As a Leo I can only approve)

g. Which 60s Stereotype Are You? (Black Panther. Yes!  As a strong black woman, I approve)

h. Which High School Stereotype Are You? (Bookworm.  Ok, buzzfeed, you win)

i. What Kind of Woman Are You? (the "Creative Woman". zzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Again, "Sexy and Sassy" would have sufficed )


j. Which Deity Should Be Praying to?  (Ahura Mazda. whut?)

k. Which True Blood Character Are You? (Sookie.  Oh my god, I hate this answer so much which means it's probably true)

l. Which Jungian Archetype Are You?  ("The Child".  Um..ok)

m. What Kind of Bitch Are You? ("Bad Bitch".  What. Ever.)

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