Aug 17, 2014

House Horrors International

I saw this today on a friend's facebook page, and thought I'd spread the horror around.
It helps the pain, I think, when you witness something this traumatic, to have others subjected to it
with you. 

That's what I've always found.

It's like a midwestern Versailles, re-imagined in high Olive Garden "Tuscan" style.

So. Much. Brown.

 If you'd like to subject yourself to more pain, you can go here.

From the article itself:
"If the world's worst designers got together to make a showhouse, it might look something like this four-bedroom, five-bathroom house in Indianapolis. There seem to be so many rooms that the listing's mention of 1,540 square feet seems highly suspect, and no single word can describe its aesthetic. But the bedrooms with multiple beds, the overabundance of stonework, and the Holiday Inn-style balconies almost make sense considering that the home's owner was Jerry A. Hostetler, who the local newspaper describes as an "almost-famous pimp-turned-construction mini-magnate."


normadesmond said...

hopefully peenee hasn't made all his remodeling decisions yet, my god, look what he might glean!

GlenH said...

Fifty shades of brown. All of them torturous.

ilduce said...

With my luck when I finally land a millionaire, this will be his mansion.

ayeM8y said...

I went to design school with a girl from India. Most of her projects looked similar to this. If she was otherwise inspired it was usually an emphasis on a overuse of a glaring color like cobalt blue!

Diane said...

Dear god in heaven. I didn't follow the link when this was posted on FB, which makes this an even more revoltingly glorious surprise.