Jul 12, 2014

Thrift Store Safari....now with more Peenee

I've spent the past few idle weeks fruitlessly browsing the dusty cobwebs of our local thrift stores
so you don't have to.

Sadly, there's not much to report....except a lot of resin.
Lots and lots of resin.

3 D Bear Fantasy in durable Resin

3 D Hummingbird plate (with rose snow globe) (in chipped resin)

The Dreamy Mr. Ant (sigh)

The Little Mermaid Ashtray of your Nightmares

Thankfully, the ever charming Mr. Peenee finally arrived, and things started to change.

 On a jaunt through high and low, he managed to find a Barbie and Stacy Travel case.
I don't know who Stacy is. I suspect Barbie's lesbian lover.  Whatever.
They had quite a groovy lesbian love pad.

And later, at one of our local very posh auction houses Peenee found the classy art there.

Peenee does has the touch.

After a lovely lunch of poboys, I took them to one of our local hotel liquidators to shop. He's appointing his fabulous new digs here.
Not much luck there either.

But maybe if the auction house doesn't work out, he can investigate our lovely HFL. 
I hear there are lamps there.



MJ said...

Can we look forward to a video clip of Peenee twerking?

Inexplicable DeVice said...

While Prince Charming is nothing to be scared of, some of that resin certainly is!
Luckily, Mr Peenee's finds do take one's mind off some of the horrors.

Diane said...

My envy is in high gear!!! Thifting with you and Mr. P (and I'm SO impressed you could get him out to do it) is one of my dream days.

jason said...

Sorry Diane.
Wish you had been here!

If you'd have been here, surely we would have found something better than mountains of bedbug ridden hotel mattresses.

govtdrone said...

Ohhh, the things I used to make Barbie & Stacy do to each other & to Ken.

Salty Miss Jill said...

That video is my new favorite thing. And looking forward to updates with adventures with Peenee!