Jul 20, 2014

Random magic around town

fairy house under the live oaks (Uptown)

an elephant on wheels (on Claiborne Ave)

A giant teepee (on  Bayou St. John)

Black Swans (in Metairie)

The man who rides around all day long with a box of wine in the basket of his bike (midcity)

Poseidon (pointing the way to the Westbank)
Cowboys ( in the Projects)

Tree Afgan (in Metairie)

Taxidermied baboons guarding the diet coke machine (in Marrero)

A Tardis (in Algiers)


mrpeenee said...

It's just magic, magic, magic all the time there. I think Poseidon may have started life on the Wonder Wall at the World's Fair.

jason said...

You are quite right, Mr. P.
Now he guides me home.

ayeM8y said...

I wonder if the Tardis is actually functional.

Diane said...

"A Tardis in Algiers" should be the title of your memoir!

normadesmond said...

who doesn't love a guided tour?