Oct 22, 2013

Random, scary and recently seen

This ominous sign on the wall of a local restaurant

This ominous bedspread....for those who want to deer hunt while in bed.
The Amish Ominous porn section of our local K-mart.  Tattered Quilt must be Amish bondage porn, right?


normadesmond said...

some back country outlet mall?

Diane said...

Mr. Peenee sez "Stay off the West Bank."

Ask the Cool Cookie said...

Greta looked to the sawmill with a yearning she had not known just a week before. Ivan, who had returned from his rumspringa just a month ago, had matured into a fine man from the the boy she had remembered.

"Ivan Amstutz," she said to herself, "I pray that you will see me as your potential wife."

Torrid. Simply torrid.

Raina Cox said...

Weirdest thing I've seen (last summer edition) - Open-air Jeep-like vehicle filled with about a dozen Amish kids on rumspringa bouncing through Glenwood Canyon here in CO. I didn't realize they did it in groups.