Mar 24, 2013

Random, Scary, Recent

Still life: Monkey...on toilet....eating banana (@ consignment shop)
(Harry Potter and) the Secret Closet of Walker/Bedpans (@thrift store)
Knight riding octopus (@ craft store)
Marilyn Monroe Jack in the Box (@ consignment shop)

Emaciated lion (@ Seafood restaurant)
Taxidermied baboon (@ coke machine)

Eight feet of German Coke bottle (@ consignment shop)
Eight feet of silk flower arrangement (@ craft store)

Creepy porcelain foreskin vases (@Target)

Velveeta Lady (@  eye level over Italian restaurant's urinal)

Eight feet of pig lips


mistress maddie said...

The monkey art scares me! And I'm still bitter that a never got royalties from the foreskin vase collection. Last time I lend myself.

Kim Hambric said...

Perhaps it is only my monitor, but I'm thinking that eating Velveeta gives you an ass like a taxidermy baboon.

normadesmond said...

love the juxtaposition of the lips and velveeta.

govtdrone said...

My new band will be called Eight Feet of Pig Lips

Diane said...

I just want to know which of these items you purchased.

jason said...

Sadly none...I'm saving up my money for the marla gibbs up there

Joe Jacobs said...

I MUST have that "monkey on toilet eating banana" painting! Where can I find it??