Mar 27, 2013

hello dolly

Sometimes in my endless online wanderings I stumble upon a treasure trove like this site.
Think of it as Yelp, for sex dolls

"She-Male Doll
Love doll with strong breasts and realistic vibrating cock.
This doll came with lumpy breasts. The left boob deflated within a few minutes.
And frankly, the dong isn't very secure. You might want to buy a female love doll and a realistic dong with a suction cup bottom, because that's all he/she really is. This reporter feels betrayed."

"Virtually Marilyn Star
Apparently, someone thought four-color printing might make Marilyn here look a little more realistic and loveable.
Her breasts are described as luscious and squeezable, and she comes dressed in red and black lingerie.
Three openings, all of which vibrate.
What a beauty."

"Florence from The Jeffersons
We really are moving on up. Who could ever forget Marla Gibbs' laser sharp, tart-tongued sass mouth of a maid? Sometimes it seemed like she and Mr. J would never see eye to eye.
Enjoy fucking her face all you want during Nick at Nite.
Chocolate-colored inflatable plastic. Three openings. Does not perform housekeeping on the weekends."
(this last one, of course, is what hooked me in)

See the rest of his reviews here

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