Apr 21, 2012

Things that actually exist

Seen and secretly wanted? recently
Orion: Country (@ Goodwill)
Still life with Nipples (@ consignment)
Important reminder (@ where else?)

WTF (@ Biglots)

"Cajun" Wineglasses (@ Rouses)

Camo Easter baskets (@ where else?)
Caesar-quoting "thugs" (@ Walmart)
Kenny Rogers poster (@ the Joint)
a pink pompom poodle (@ Gordon's)

Star of David sippy cups and Foo dog (@ Target)

Matinees for the gay homeless.  (I mean who else would be at a Wednesday matinee of "Oklahoma" but the homeless who live @ the public library?)


normadesmond said...

✭✭✭✭ i'm thinking you need to do tours.

mrpeenee said...

I had barbecue at the Joint and admired that artist's work there. Plus, sign me up for the matinee. I'll make it a sing-along.

Ask the Cool Cookie said...

The irony of life...

Ur-spo said...

such bargains!

David Toms said...

It is amazing how far retail therapy has come since yesterday

Salty Miss Jill said...

I just wanted you to know that whenever I am having a bad day, I come here and know that everything is right in the world.
Thank you, Jason!

jason said...

awww....my dear Miss Jill. Thank you for that. seriously!

Diane said...

We definitely need to spend more time together next time I'm in NOLA.

Anonymous said...

Oh lord, Norma Desmond is funny, always. Classic.

but really, doesn't NOLA have a Prada, or at least a good Neiman Marcus? I think you need to scope out the upper end of retail from time to time.

mrpeenee said...

This IS the upper end of retail in New Orleans.