Apr 13, 2012

Pick your prince

1. Charming
2.Prinz Hans von DollarTree
3. le duc du Douche
4. Aurelius Tuinquius, princeps
5. Bonnie Prince Brucie
6. Prince Whitefeather Bigstick

7. Prince Sven Roydrage
8. le petit Prince de Chantilly

9. Baron von Hung und Hunk


                                                                 10. Rogers Nelson



MJ said...

Prince Charming, of course.

He comes bearing shoes!

Ask the Cool Cookie said...

Baron von Hung und Hunk - because I love eating kraut.

ayeM8y said...

Whitefeather Bigstick!

normadesmond said...

LOVE that prince!

(it so looks like him, it's amazing)

Thombeau said...

I'll take 'em all! And do 'em all at once! Then separately. Then together again. Then I'd take a nap. Then start over. Is it wrong?

mrpeenee said...

Charming. Because he is, in fact, charming. And bookish. And pretty. And that shoe is obviously my size.

Margaret said...

I misread it and thought it said, "Prick your Prince."

mistress maddie said...

Had to go with charming, not anyone could look good naked in those boots, plus the waiting on hand and foot turns me on!

ilduce said...

Put me down for an order of Charming as well.