Dec 8, 2011

overheard 6 p.m.

Woman in front of me at Mcdonald's drive through:

"Yeah, I need three number ones."

Drive through cashier:

"What would you like to drink with that?"

"I want a sweet Tea, a diet coke and a Sprite."

"Will that complete your order?"

", wait....I want no mynez on one of them number ones,
no cheese on one of them too....oh and no bandaids.

oh lawd...lissen to me....I mean no pickles." (giggles)

"Will that complete your order?"

"Oh, wait...yeah, can you put the one with the no mynez in the bag with the
Sprite, the one with the no pickles on it in the bag with the....Diet Coke and the one with the no cheese in the bag with the...with the...sweet tea?


"Thank you, drive up to the next window."


mrpeenee said...

"Thank you, drive up to the next window." Where I can kill you with my bare hands and teeth.

savannah said...


god, i LOVE NOLA!!

thanks for making me smile, sugarpie! xooxoxo

David Toms said...

Iwould have mixed up the drinks on prurpose

Kim Hambric said...

Nope, I could never do any kind of work that is considered "customer service."

TB said...

Now you know where you read those stories about employees who spit on the food orders.

ilduce said...

It's called "the reference interview" and it shouldn't have to appear in fast food lines.

ayeM8y said...

I don't see the problem. They're always fuckin' up my order.

One must be very specific with the servants at the MacDonaldses.

It's best to look up the owners of the franchises then drop their names when threatening your order.

Works like a charm every time.

In my estimation it has a 98% percent return on a perfect order and a 13% percent reduction in Burger Rage.