Dec 26, 2011

les femmes de Paris

This bitch

Screw the Mona Lisa. This glamorous creature at the airport has it all over the her.
Sorry for the bad photo, I think her frosted eyeshadow caused my flash to glare.

Sarah Bernhart.
(Sadly we couldn't find Sandra Bernhard's tomb. Dommage).

Poor dear Edith

the Nike of Samothrace.

(Of course I had to recreate this scene from "Funny Face" in my head, saying "take the piktcha!, take the piktcha!"
but alas, no one got it.

the Venus de Milo

the Femme de Psycho

Real life geisha on the Champs-Élysées.

I aspire to be her one day.

None other than Carine Roitfeld at a movie premiere! Carlos and I both squealed with elation on seeing her. We tried to explain, but the other two didn't know. I felt extra gay.Ran into Cathy on the Seine.
So gracious.


ayeM8y said...

The Mona Lisa de Gaulle. And you had to leave New Orleans to find her.

Had I been there I might have pushed you down the stairs and yelled, "take the piktcha!, take the piktcha!"

And such a candid picture of Deneuve.

savannah said...

you see paris the way i do, sugar. i am so in love with you! ;)

merry christmas, sugarplum!

Anonymous said...

those are the worst photos of Paris I've seen in a long time. You must have been drinking more than Coke Light.

Merry and Happy to you, and bubbles too.

tamayn said...

Nothing quite like running into Catherine Deneuve. I hope to see more running commentary on Paris!

Happy New Year!

ricola said...


Princess said...

thanks for the field report...
I love looking at holiday snaps!
Paris does look like a lot of fun...

I would have gotten the "Take the Piktcha" line... it's a shame I couldn't have been there to appreciate your effort!... one of my all time favourite movie scenes...