Jan 12, 2011

"you silly fool, you can't change your fate...."

So it's been bitterly cold here (well, for here at least).

It takes me an hour to get downtown and to wait in a long, cold line to pay to park, and then walk to the Federal courthouse.

I have to practically undress in the lobby twice a day, (morning and lunch break) for security. I've streamlined my court outfit since: no belt, no watch, slip on shoes. Yesterday, my juror tag caused the machine to all but spark.

Every day this week we sit there listening to the most mind numbingly repetitious testimony from 8am till 5 pm.
I valiantly try to stay awake, though I'm heavily doped on codeine.

I'm deathly sick, coughing up my lungs, with the head cold from hell.
Sometime around 3 pm yesterday, as I instinctively pulled myself from slumping asleep again in jury seat number 1, I realized I couldn't see very well...that huge white board with all the numbers on it was all blurry.
I felt my left eye tearing.
Was I crying from the searing poignancy of maritime law? A trip to the restroom told me, no, it's just god's little gift of pink eye.
Are boils and the murder of my children by tent failure next, Jehovah?

Anyway, in good news, on the way home, I've been listening to this---all 4 disks:

Which I finally got. So excited!

There are a number of great arcane tracks here, but this will always be my favorite:

If there is a heaven, when I die (which I will any day now, I'm sure), I fully demand that this song is to greet me there, dammit.

Oh, and roller skates.
Roller skates.


Len♥reNeverM♥re said...

This song makes me want to wear sequins headband & go under a disco ball, Jason! Just hope I won't get jury duty this year, no sir-rie!

normadesmond said...

i think i just had your cold. it was three weeks before i began to feel my normal/usual blechh.

savannah said...

yikes, sugar! jury duty, a cold and PINK EYE???? that ain't right! xoxoxoxo

ricola said...

You poor dear. You should sue.

Anonymous said...

Get well soon!

Just get an Aretha Franklin Sunday hat to court. It will make you feel better!

Ur-spo said...

nasty cold; feel proud though despite this all you did your civic duty.

Jill said...

I hope you feel better...It took me 6 days, but no pink eye, luckily.