Sep 4, 2010

in some good news

I opened my mailbox this morning to get lovely surprise:

It took me a while to realize what it was. It's an elephant hair bracelet, from Africa. It's made of the "naturally shed" tail hair of an elephant ("no elephants were harmed in the making of this bracelet," the little mimeographed note wants me to be sure.
Somehow I suspect that's because it's from a giraffe or a mule or maybe the "naturally shed" weave of that tranny on St. Ann, but anyway)
It is real hair of something, that I can tell. Don't look a gift elephant in its ass I say.

On the back of the note, written in red ink is a little note from whomever shipped it to me, thanking me and telling me to be careful when adjusting it and to wash it in shampoo)

I'd sent some money to some children's charity in Africa a few months ago, and this was their thank you.

I don't know if it's unisex, I think it is...but I'm going to wear it anyway. I like it. Of course, someone will inevitably make a comment about it being "faggy" to wear a bracelet, (as happened to a friend of mine a while back, and I don't even mean in high school!) but screw it, I like it.

It's supposed to "bring luck and love"
Even if it is possibly fake, I'll take fake luck and love, if that's all I can get.


ricola said...

I got some of those while I was there.
Do be careful adjusting them, I broke all mine that way.

Anonymous said...

Okay, that is seriously cool! Not everyone has one, and it's a far cry from Silly Bands. And it has a great story attached to it, which makes it even more valuable to you!

savannah said...

i haven't seen one of these in ages, sugar! wear it and know that a whole generation of baby boomers salute you! xoxoxoxox

normadesmond said...

it might not be so faggy if you used it as a ring......(ahem).

Jill said...

Wear husband wears them occasionally. A gift from his Mother many years ago. He also wears a big turquoise and silver bracelet. Be bold!!

I like normadesmond's comment. I'd like to see a pic of that!

Margaret said...

When wearing it you'll: be large & in charge, never forget & be prone to trample bad blind dates who mistreat you.

Dean Grey said...

How unique, Jason....even if it might be fake!