Jan 15, 2007

Is this what passes for romance nowadays?

Found this gem at Craigslist Missed Connections:

hot dude in my class - w4m - 20

Reply to: pers-262793959@craigslist.org
Date: 2007-01-15, 12:07AM CST

I was sitting in class on the first day when you came in. I was the new girl with the long dark hair. You were the cute and funny guy who made fun of the prof. before he walked in. I thought you were incredibly charming and quite adorable. I wouldn't mind getting to know you in special way. Let me know if you want to go smoke a giant blunt before class and then have sex in my car while listening to coldplay. Make sure you wear a funny hat.

Location: Loyola

1 comment:

Silly Monkey said...

I'll take it. ;o