Nov 25, 2006

Martha Stewart's Holiday Guide to Infantile Cannibalism

Like the White House turkey, I've been granted a pardon....well, for a few hours at least.
It won't last long however.
I've been trapped on the WB for the past 3 days straight. It's been one long exhausting, mentally and spiritually draining few days alone with Mom.
She's had me driving her non stop.
She's insane....I'm insane..... but no one, but no one... is as insane as Martha Stewart and her minions, I think.

I caught a bit of her show the other day, only to see this horrific sight (above). This one is less freaky than the baby pies she also features, however.

That scary bitch needs to be back in prison as soon as possible, I'm telling you.

1 comment:

Breezy said...

She too eats babies! Arrrgh!

What's with these women. Cheeze Whiz!