Nov 5, 2006

"I love your paper flower"

Saw this (below) tonight on craigslist's missed connections and thought it was the best piece of (inadvertent ?) poetry I've read in a a sick demented 21 year old E. A. Poe-ish kind of way.
(except that whole "vegan pastries" line...ruins the whole tone...but anyway...)

It still charmed me. (And to think, he's too young to even understand the genius of his own O.N. John allusion...) Too cute:

i love your paper flower - 21


Date: 2006-11-05, 8:46PM CST

you were sitting, reading beat poetry, at the rue on oak last tuesday. you were with some weird girl with short black hair wearing sweater boots.

later i saw you buying vegan pastries at wholefoods.

i seem to always be running into you. i think it's fate. we are meant for each other.
I am tall with black hair. it is short. i cut it myself. i will cut yours too.

i don't get paid very much, but i would like you to take all my money.

i honestly love you.


Anonymous said...

I didn't even know they have vegan pasties.

Silly Monkey said...

I see someone's never been to Whole Foods. ;) Vegan pumpkin cookies are to die for.