Mar 11, 2006

"if only...." indeed.

So, this morning I open my mail to find the single nicest response I think I've ever gotten from a personal ad:

if only

I were gay, and well from here. but unfortunately I am straight and going back tomorrow.
But, your post struck a nerve cause it pretty much expressed what we are all looking for.

good luck to you sir

Wow, I'm not sure if this cheers me up or depresses me...or a little of both.

Especially considering that this is the only response I think I've ever gotten from this ad, well, except from the occasional
Russian mail order bride service robots, that is.


Breezy said...

Jason,it's beautifully sad.

Anonymous said...

How nice, though, he took the time to write.

luv ya, Laurie...yes, Nancy's site Laurie!

Anonymous said...

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