Feb 10, 2016

Mardi Maigre

My past few Mardi Gras have, sadly, been washouts. 
It seems to always be freezing rain. What's up with that?
The last time I made an effort to dress up, I traipsed through the pouring rain to get from Bywater to the French Quarter to meet Mr. Peenee.
Never did make it all the way.  Lost an ostrich plume somewhere on Frenchman St.
I was dressed in gold lame and pearls as Gloria Swanson. a Venetian dandy.
I still haven't gotten my tights clean.

This year, the weather was beyond perfect, so I had no excuse whatsoever.
But I couldn't muster the energy, mental or otherwise.  I'm not sure why.
I tried to take myself to a movie, but there was nothing to see.
So I stayed in bed and read.

Last year, despite my general malaise, I ventured to my ex's annual (always amazing) Mardi Gras party.
I don't know what I was thinking.

I ended up (unexpectedly) meeting his new boyfriend,  in from Europe.
It was all rather like landing on a landmine.

I didn't expect it, but I should not have been surprised. 
Anyway, I acquitted myself admirably all things considered.
I'm pretty good at things like that.

Unfortunately, he (the new boyfriend) turned out to be completely lovely.
I couldn't even hate him or anything. 
I chatted as amiably and nonchalantly as I could, and then I went home and had a good cry.

And a nap.
So lame.

This year, all things considered, I guess, was better.


Babylon Sisters said...

Jason, I'm gypsy yaya's mom in case you didn't know that. We're loyal readers of your blog who were blown out of New Orleans by the storm. Mardi Gras can go either way. Frolic in the streets like a lunatic or die in bed like Camille - I've done both...

normadesmond said...

remember, just because you lost an ostrich
plume doesn't mean you're not gloria swanson.

mrpeenee said...

Oh, honey.

The Mistress said...

Next year, turn "lame" into "lamé!"