Nov 27, 2015

Corn holding

Looking though my pictures the other day, I realized that I'd (inexplicably) been taking photos of corn on the cob holders.  

My life is pretty exciting, I know.  
Try not to be too jealous, ok?   

Anyway, it struck me that they're probably a good guide to personality.
Which would you choose?  
 (I don't even own any.  I'd rather burn my fingers than waste that extra minute and a half trying to puncture the cob.  Read into that what you will.)

the classic (the sort we used to have when I was growing up)
The adventurous roleplayer

The overpriced European


The quintessentially American



normadesmond said...

i'd choose edith beale's method.
if she handed me an ear from her bedside
kitchenette, how could i resist?

mistress maddie said...

You don't like to puncture the cob? Does this mean your a bottom? And is it me, or do the European version look like a butt plug starter kit?

mrpeenee said...

Without a doubt the Pirate and Ninja ones, because they are both pirates AND ninjas.

The Mistress said...

I use the classic but in bright yellow. If it was good enough for my mother...

I like to use kitchen implements that remind me of my childhood kitchen.

Ur-spo said...

We use the ones shaped like corns.