Sep 27, 2014

signs, signs.....everywhere a sign.

 Life down here is hard, y'all! 

I  mean, I can't even walk out of the house without ugly men flirting with me. 
Heck, even the feminists are cuter
Even the dogs are cuter.

It's enough to drive a soul to drink, but, well, even that's too difficult...ahem

Heck, even "Latrina's lounge" seems closed.   I guess I'll have to "lounge" in my own "Latrina" now.

And then, on the way home, I'm forced to ponder painful, difficult questions.


Salty Miss Jill said...

I want to come visit. When is the best time?

savannah said...

*hugs* for you, sweetpea! xoxo

normadesmond said...

and yet you persevere.

jason said...

Gee, Miss Jill...October through maybe March is not too bad. The summer here is only for those who are masochists.

and thank you, Misses Savannah and Norma