May 17, 2013

My New Summer Regimen

Just got back from our local symphony book fair (to which I've been going since I was a kid) and thank goodness, I found this.

Two dollars that is going to change my life!
 Just in time too.
 Lord knows I need her as my life coach.

Piggy will be helping me with her beauty tips

Providing mental health support

And, most importantly, giving me vital hairstyle advice.


normadesmond said...

good advice is always in fashion.

Jon DeepBlue said...

Do I smell bacon? Make it extra crispy for me!

Princess said...


MJ said...

Now that the Oprah Show is gone, we need Miss Piggy more than ever.

Ur-spo said...

I follow the fashion tips of Grover.
However, Someone and I often go to a bar where the youngster bartenders fondly call us Statler and Wardorf if these are the correct names.

Salty Miss Jill said...

I totally checked that out of the library when I was 10. True story.

ayeM8y said...

Such good advice. I've always done the Miss Piggy Aerobique routines like lifting my drink to my mouth rather than bending down to the straw. This will compliment my beauty regimen.

Diane said...

Why is it the first of the three hair styles makes me think of Barbra Streisand????

Anonymous said...

i love the pic with her on the stationary exer-cycle and kermit in the fucking sidecar! lmao

love todd