Nov 29, 2011

post Paris

So I'm back from Paris....and too exhausted to even type.
Thank you all for your good wishes. I needed them.

In short, it was a whirlwind, completely wonderful, but just cause I'm a bitch here are some things I'm disappointed I didn't see:

1. Parisiennes in Dior gowns, walking poodles (if I'd have known, I'd have brought my own)
2. fresh sheets on the hotel bed
3. beret wearing boys with baguettes in their bicycle baskets
4. butter
5. the fabled French rudeness (well, except for that asshole at the Eiffel Tower snack booth, but then he was an immigrant, probably from America)
6. a bidet


Nathan said...

So jealous! Glad you had a good time. And no boys with baguettes? Ridic.

mistress maddie said...

Welcome back! I am sorry you didn't see a guy holding his baguette! Did you at least see a Ménage à Trois? LOL. I can't wait to hear all about the trip, now rest up.

normadesmond said...

i'm uncomfortable with #2. what kind of hotel did you stay in?

Anonymous said...

Welcome back. It's always good to get home, but it's always great to be in Paris. Yeah, I'm curious about no. 2--yikes. Maybe you mean they just didn't change your sheets daily.

ayeM8y said...


Quel squalor dommage!

ricola said...

How on earth did you miss the butter?!
It's in everything!

Will said...

#2 + #6 = eeeewwww....just where the heck were you?

Thombeau said...

Welcome back, mon ami! XOXOX

MJ said... last tango?

Who you callin' housewife? said...

Well, I hope the things you DID see will leave wonderful, lasting memories.

But why the hell go to Paris if there's no butter on display? Come to think of it, I was in Paris a lifetime ago -- the bread was hard and dry and no butter to make it go down easier.

Looking forward to the highlights. And a few lowlights.

tamayn said...

Here's to hoping you had at least one night in La Marais! Good that you're back safe and sound though!

Anonymous said...

Your mom didn't change the hostel sheets?

No buttered buns or pats?

Ask the Cool Cookie said...

No French Rudeness? I am att a loss to say how this is possible. no?

Jim M said...

Pas des bidets? Ostie!

Serious glad you had a wonderful time. I didn't find Parisians rude either but, being Canuck, I tried to be polite first.

By the time I excused myself and asked for direction in my HORRIFIC Canadian French, they either smiled and answered in English or, equally often, answered in French but verrrry slooowwwwlllllyy.

Ur-spo said...

what is a bidet anyway?