Mar 30, 2007

Femme, femme, femme (and Debbie)

The other weekend Michael came into town to see the Bangles (a band I've always hated for some inexplicable reason).
Anyway, continuing the theme (?) of woman-power (?) we took a trip to see the
exhibit at NOMA, titled Femme, Femme, Femme. It's a collection of paintings from various French museums, all of women. It was really nicely done, I thought. The paintings were all of minor quality, but that's what made them all the more interesting I think.

The night before we went to the exhibit (again supporting the woman theme?) we had dinner with Debbie, and we spent some time in the quarter with her.
She's in a state...umm...let me leave it at that.

But that night Michael commented to her that he thought she needed a "role model," someone to look up to. At first, I didn't really agree, but upon retrospection I think he might have a point.

I couldn't think of any specific role models I have for my life myself, but there are individual role models for various aspects of life that I suppose I have.
I wish I could say my parents are, but as much as I love them, I wouldn't. Most of my role models, if you can call them that, are friends.

I wish I had grown up with a role model, actually. I think that's one of the problems with gay men, we often don't have role models at all. We have to sort of invent this thing as we go along.

So I'm just curious, who (if anyone) is your role model?


Breezy said...

I do look at some of my friends' qualities and would like to have those particular qualities, but does that a role model make?

I would say my parents are my role models. They have always been generous to me and they are always generous towards others without asking for anything in return. If I am able to have a modicum of their decency and generosity, then I know I am not straying far from a decent life.

Was that corny? :-)

jason said...

Corny? not at all.

govtdrone said...

I have had various role models thoughout my life. First my parents then as a college student a professor and now as an adult I tend to look for other women who have had to work through the BS that is working for the Federal government.

Silly Monkey said...

"She's in a state...umm...let me leave it at that."

LOL. That says it all. I can't wait until game day. ;o

Role models? Well, I think I have more "negative role models" if you know what I mean--people who have qualities that I dislike and don't want to be like, so I try hard not to.

But I try to be like my father and grandfather when it comes to generosity. I like that about both of them. They're both always willing to help in any way they can, unselfishly.

I guess as much as I bitch about my father's negative qualities (don't we ALL have a ton?), he is a role model for me.

And so is Cesar Milan. ;o