Feb 4, 2006

10 Random Lovely Things about Today

1.Hearing "Strawberry Letter 22" by the Brothers Johnson again for the first time in years. The wind chimes are chiming in perfect sync to the music
2.A cool spring wind and the warm spring sun in February.
The weather today is too beautiful for words.
3.The jar of Tiger Tiger brand Punjabi Butter Chicken already-made-sauce in a jar I found this week at the market.
4.the wild violets carpeting the yard

5.two stolen Smithsonian magazines from the garbage.
6.The impending excitement of the new "Grey Gardens" musical on Broadway.
"It's perfect," Little Edie allegedly told Mr. Maysles when informed about the play sometime just prior to her death. "My life is a musical" (I paraprhase)
7.the fact that it's Saturday. I didn't have to get up at 5 am this morning.
8.The fact that el Nino or the solar flares or something equally mysterious are allowing me to hijack someone's wi fi for a few tenuous moments.
10.an outrageously optimistic hororscope for Leo just read at a reliably wrong horoscope site. But I'll take anything I can get.

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