Jan 1, 2006

happy 2006!

Happy 2006!!!!!!!!

Call me crazy, but I've always been sort of superstitious about how the new year begins for me.
I tend to think it's a prefiguring of the year.

So, I began 2006 surrounded by a mix of old friends and new strangers....enveloped in a spooky, very thick, rather romantic fog.
I'm not sure what that prefigures, but I'm hoping it's good.
For some reason, I think it is.

I'd completely forgotten how I'd spent last new year's eve until my friend Carlos
reminded me.
Who knows, maybe soon the year that it began, 2005, will similarly be forgotten.
Let's hope so.


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Breezy said...

I must still be in that New Year's fog because I don't remember how I reminded you. yikes!

Anonymous said...

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