Jun 27, 2005

Not the way I'd hoped to die...

I guess the most "exciting" thing that's happened lately is that I was nearly
killed. (See photo above from newspaper)

My mother and I went to eat lunch one day earlier this week.
Just as we were just about to walk into the restaurant...I had paused to open the door for her....suddenly I heard a bump from the highway, about 50 feet away.
We turned to see a Frito Lay truck barreling towards us...it had lost control and was coming toward the restaurant.
Thankfully it hit an electrical pole, which stopped it...
but all we could see were a mass of electrical lines, snapping, popping, flashing with lightening and flying towards us in every direction. One of them knocked down the umbrellas in the front of the restaurant, all of about 10 feet from us.
It all happened in a few minutes of course. I hadn't even pulled the door open.

It was like something out of a movie....like something out of War of the Worlds.
(save your money by the way, Tom Cruise + scary aliens = redundant)

My mother, needless to say, hysterical. Took quite a while to calm her down.
The power was out of the whole area after that.

I love the quote on the truck, by the way: "For the fun of it!"

You can't say God doesn't have a sense of humor.
You have to give Him that.


Breezy said...

Geez! I didn't know that happened. Instead of saying,"Well, you know" when someone asks you how you've been, you could've told this story. How nerve-racking!

Anonymous said...

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