Sep 30, 2006

Frances, the website.

I happened upon this site from a journal which I read every now and then.

Posted there was a clip from Frances's webjournal, chronicalling her dazzling life as a high priced transexual call "girl" in London.

I must say, it's something else.

Let's just start with the charming conceit of a call girl named "Frances" and go from there....I mean really...

Prepare yourself to be charmed:


Frances's weblog

Sep 25, 2006

the bayou

After work today, I decided to go again for a walk in my (fairly new) neighborhood. It's just beautiful today, so, despite the pain in my feet, I figured I'd take a walk. I was not alone. All along the bayou were people walking dogs, a few boats in the water.


I particularly love the view from the bridge near my apartment (above).
If one walks about a hundred feet down, however, you can get an equally pretty picture of the skyline of downtown New Orleans rising over the water, with a line of old houses in the foreground. It's especially pretty at night.

I'm beginning to like my new neighborhood. It's not where I wanted to be. It seems so far from everything (namely uptown), but I'm beginning to think that that's not such a bad thing. It's like a whole undiscovered little world up here.

I've been here before of course, many times...but it's not until you're out and about on foot that you really start to see things.

Sep 17, 2006

the mystery of the disappearing cute boy with kitten

A while back, I posted about a guy who had responded to an ad of mine.
He's a decorator, cute, with an even cuter cat
The last I heard of him was after his suggestion that we meet. In the interim
I finally got a phone line, and I gave him my number. I called him a day or so later and left a message. I emailed him with my number too, just to be sure he got it.
Of course, I haven't heard anything from him still.
Not sure what to make of that, but I can't say that it's never happened before.
Anyway, I'd have liked to have met him...and maybe he might contact me still, right?....despite my fear.

Sep 14, 2006

2:45 on a Thursday

It's 2:45 pm, you and your 40 students are reading along with a fellow student a numbingly dull paragraph in an ACT booklet about someone's Puerto Rican heritage.
The students are in near perfect order, you have about 15 minutes to go in class.

Despite the
things are humming along quite nicely.

Next thing you know there are two 16 year old girls about to rip each other's eyeballs out, going at like Rotweilers it in the back of the room.

No warning....just a mad scramble.

There's no buzzer, so you can't call for help of course.

Next thing you know, you're wrestling for your own life with them.

To get one girl off of the other, I had to literally pry her off forcefully and drag her out of class. Now it's been a long while since I've been in a fight, and I was not in the mood at 2:46 on a Thursday afternoon.

All the while she's looking past me, (I don't even know if she realized I was there, that's how blind her rage was) fighting with me, trying to kill the other girl.

I wrestled her physically to the ground, no easy feat, pulled her up, and brought them (plus one other girl who was egging them on) all the way to the disciplinarian's office.

On the way, I meet the assistant principal/student counselor, who brushes me off and tells me to bring them to the Disciplinarian.
The disciplinarian is nowhere to be found. So there's a desperate dash around the campus looking for her to come. I didn't want to leave the two together. I finally find her and get them all together, tell my part of tale, and let them get their stories straight.

Then I have to get back to my unattended class room.

We resume the passage about Puerto Rican heritage
(all the while thinking, "I've gotta get a new with a cubicle or something" )

Sep 11, 2006

Interests Collage (with thanks to Julie, from whose blog I stole this)

My Interests Collage!
Create your own! Originally Written By [info]ga_woo for LJ, Hosted and ReWritten for MySpace by darkman424